“I” didn’t do anything

I have added Cloud Hands to my moving workout; I am doing a half hour of D&T 1, 3, and 4, along with Cloud Hands, and later standing for a half hour.

When I started Cloud Hands, I became depressed the next day after practicing it. Then my kidneys started to hurt. I persisted, and both the kidney pain and the depression lifted.

But in the last week on three occasions I knocked something off a shelf or a table while I was standing next to it, and I caught it before it dropped – faster than I ever could have previously.

But that was not the strange thing. I do not remember the action – I heard the item scraping as it fell, then I found it in my hand. “I” didn’t do anything.

Nietzsche once wrote, “The mind says, ‘I’, but the body performs ‘I’.”  From my Sufi experiences, I know the truth of that, but nevertheless it was strange to see what the body would do if I got out of the way…


I wrote to Isaac, the senior student I mentioned who extended his hand on the end of his arm so dramatically, and asked him what he made of my experience, and he said:

Hi Mike,
I suspect you have to go through a bit of a “healing crisis” as your body begins to open up and things begin to clear out, so your experience is par for the course. 
As for the increased speed and dexterity, all I can say is “that’s why I do this stuff”. The simple explanation is that as your body becomes more open and relaxed, you have less resistance to your body’s instincts, and things often “happen” before you realize they started. Mind, no mind, or as we say in Taoism, Action without action. Glad you’re enjoying yourself. 

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