No posting for some time. My life has been chaotic, but with the exception of this week I have been pretty good about practicing. Now I am standing a half hour a night with another ten minutes or so of Dragon and Tiger postures. My immediate goal is a half hour of each, more when I can learn more of the Energy Arts advanced postures bit by bit.

I can only do three of the seven D&T postures, since I can’t balance on one foot well enough to do #2 or #7, and I also can’t make a “sword hand” for several of the others. But these have immediate benefits too; believe me, I could not keep up with daily exercise without a substantial reinforcement of improvement all the time.

I did contact my QiGung coach on the occasion of her leaving town for the summer (when she attends classes with the master), so I thought I would pass on this correspondence.

Hi Judy,

I’m sorry I have not been able to make it over to the group class in Half Moon Bay, but my wife is still quite ill and I need to be with her all the time now, as she can barely walk.

My own practice is going well. I have three of the seven Dragon and Tiger movements in my nightly repertoire now, but I can’t make a sword hand with my right hand, and I can’t balance on one leg to do the positions that require that. Still, I take your advice and do what I can and feel grateful for any help that comes down to us from those that blazed this trail over the centuries.

I am doing a half hour of standing, sometimes broken up into two 15-minute segments with D&T in between, sometimes with the D&T at the end. Do you recommend one approach or the other?  I don’t know if the benefit of the stand is in the continuous time or if the time is cumulative. I do get a huge rush if I do standing after the D&T postures. I am beginning to sense heavy rooting now, with real heaviness in my lower arms and all through my legs. And, as I tell people, I feel 20 years younger.

I wish I could transmit chi to my poor wife, but that surely takes more skill and discernment than I have at this point. Still, this was one of my goals in taking up this work as well as avoiding her fate.

Thanks for your support and advice. I hope to see you again in the fall. And good sailing on the Tao of your own journey this summer!


Mike so good to hear of your continued practice and growth.  Sorry to hear of your wife’s continued illness.  While it may not feel like you are being of any qigong benefit to her, one can’t be sure.  If you have an animal, cat, dog, you will surely notice that they notice the energy.  Perhaps she may not overtly so but…

I trust you are doing exactly what you should regarding breaking up your standing with D&T or doing an extended stand.  Both have their merits.  The fact that you are starting to more strongly feel the rooting is a good indication of your growth.

I hope you may join one of the groups in September.  We were all talking about the difference that can be felt when we practice with many people in the same room.

Wishing you well always,


Besides the other effects, I believe that I am getting some metabolic support from this work now, as I have been eating all kinds of “bad” foods without gaining much weight (only 10 pounds, which on me is less than 3% of body weight). I’m fluctuating between 350 and 360.



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