End of week 7

No week 6 posting – weight holding steady at 345-347.

But on the standing front, I have been doing at least 10 minutes, going up to 15 or so, then down to 12, like that, and only standing about 4 times a week instead of 5+.

But then on Friday I had to go to the Social Security office to set up my account right. There were about 60 people there in chairs and a half dozen standees. I decided to simply take my standing posture, minimizing the strangeness of it, and see how long I could stand.

At 30 minutes I walked over and sat in a vacated seat. I could have gone a little longer, but I was definitely tired, the outer side of my legs numb. My legs were tired that night, but no consequences on Saturday.

And tonight (Sunday) I did a 20 minute stand with no ill effects. I wonder if I have made the jump up to the next level at the 20 minute milestone. I guess we will see.

I also started doing some of posture 1 of the Heaven and Earth series. I discovered that the little practice I did of it was enough to create muscle memory, and I restarted it fairly easily. I need to work on the foot movements with the arms, but it seems quite doable. And I’ll start in on the other postures.

This is what I was hoping for, a gradual strengthening of the whole body system with a view to learning as many postures as possible. I hope I’m not too optimistic here.


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