End of week 5 weigh-in

Another flat week. From her hospital bed Nettie offered that even to break even, with all the stress of her surgery, was a win. Perhaps, but I don’t want to lose the thread. I’m not eating endless junk, but I’m not exercising (except standing) and my portion size is creeping up again. Plus, eating cheese, which will torpedo any caloric-restricted diet.

I was leery of standing and exercise this week, due to a back pain that behaved differently than any other I’d had, so I stopped these exercises until my doctor explained what was going on (and that I wasn’t aggravating the pain by standing or walking). He gave me some routines to try for the pain and they helped immediately, so much so that the pains are almost gone. That’s very good, because I was losing sleep over them.

I don’t think I mentioned it here before, but my diet plan goes like this: I have tried everything I know of, one fixation at a time: low carb, low fat, high meat, high fat, small portions, exercise, meditate (stand), no sugar, no dairy, raw only, paleo, veg, vegan. Some people lose on one diet, some on another.

I do them all, insofar as they don’t contradict each other, reasoning that if I do everything that has ever been reported to work, I stand a good chance of hitting the sweet spot. Indeed, low fat, low calorie, low carb, no sugar, no refined starch (beans OK), no meat (gout), small portions, exercise, stand,  seems to be the winner. But it’s not easy, especially when stressed.


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