End of week 4 weigh-in

This week was a wash – no loss, no gain. I ate pretty poorly with bread and some fats and even an ice cream bar, and didn’t do that much walking.  However, I did do a 20-minute stand, to my own amazement. I was just planning on about a 12-minute workout, but I got there and felt good, and just kept on going. I could have gone on longer, but I didn’t want to chance getting the “overwhumped” feeling from too long a stand – really unpleasant, a combination of physical and nervous fatigue.

All in all, not too bad a week, except way too much stress from my wife’s hip replacement, and having to be at the hospital at 5AM – about the time I usually go to bed.

I have also been having some odd back pain for the last month or so. It comes and goes and does not seem to be helped by leg lifts or walking, which I expect to cure belt-line level back pain. This pain also can be quite severe, but then clear up entirely in 15 minutes if I keep my back straight sitting. I will be consulting with my Doctor this next Thursday to catch up on all these nagging little issues.


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