End of week 3 weigh-in

I was quite pleased to weigh in today at 345 pounds, 23 pounds lighter than three weeks ago. I think I’m well past the water weight and into real flab going.

I am somewhat surprised, because I had three “real meals” this week, eating a bacon cheesburger with a veggie pattie and a bacon avocado wrap. I cringed at the avocado, but the results are there. I also did a bit of walking – nothing remotely enough to burn that many calories per distance travelled – but they say that the exercise effects have hysteresis and last much longer than the actual metabolic event.

Anyway, I am well below the 350 pound mark, which is a metabolic setpoint for me and also a physical inflection point; above that weight, I feel one way, below it, another. There are other minor ones, but also major ones of the same before and after sort at 270 pounds and 225-230. I haven’t been that tiny for decades, so I’m not sure. But it’s pretty good for an old man, I should think.

Of course, I have to thank the support of my wife Nettie, of my Shaykh Nazim al-Qubbrusi, the other Naqshbandi Shaykhs up the line, and the Taoist masters as well and Bruce Frantzis for bringing QiGong to the west. And I might as well thank A. H. Almaas too while I’m at it. It certainly costs nothing, and the Prophet of Islam (sallahu ala’hi wa salaam) said, “Who thanks not people thanks not God.”


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