Juice fast underway

Today I decided that my plans to expand my Chi Gung practice really do depend on losing fat. I had hoped it would be the other way around, but I’m convinced that I need to burn off fat first.

So tonight I weighed myself at 368 pounds. I’ll hold off another weigh-in until next Friday. I won’t have to take any gout medicine either, as I won’t be eating anything with enough purines to count.

I plan on more or less switching over to consuming nothing but my juice mixture, though I will be adding more fruit to it. If it looks like my blood sugar will not behave by Monday, I may go back to the same 2-to-1 veg to fruit mix I have been drinking.

I have to confess that watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead was a motivation factor to go ahead with my “someday” plan to fast with the drink. He just drank juice, while I process the whole fruit or vegetable, seeds and all. Adds fiber for fullness and buffers the sugars a bit. And keeps the inward part occupied.


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