It’s Wednesday February 19th and only now do I feel like I have recovered from the blip that started three weeks ago when I started working with Judy on the Dragon and Tiger postures. I had great hopes for adding these to my standing but it was like hitting a brick wall. I am just too fat and/or too sensitive to these energies to take this practice on all at once. I will try to add pieces of a movement at a time, practicing perhaps five minutes a day at first, then see how that goes.

But it is so great to feel my legs coming back to the way they were three weeks ago. The feel of vigor and stability can’t be beat. I know I felt like this as a very young man, but it has been many years since I had this feeling of body integration. My thanks to all the masters who have carried this bodywork for thousands of years, and people like BK Frantzis and Judy and Dan who have kept it alive in this generation.


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