I feel like my standing is coming back a bit at a time.

Two problems come up in examining my work on Dragon and Tiger and Marriage. First of all, I am so fat that some of the postures are next to impossible at all – D&T #3 comes to mind; I can only move a few inches rather than the 2 feet or so Judy can do. So this is something to consider.

Secondly, I have been, up until a few days ago, in some kind of addictive bread frenzy that got to a toxic level. The first clue is a recurrence of a skin rash that appears in the inside of my elbow. I can treat that with Lotrimin, but if I continue eating a lot of bread, I get really strung out and actually wake up craving bread and coffee immediately after getting out of the sack. I realized that I was actually having withdrawal symptoms from the opioid compounds in wheat. Not fun.

So I have been going without wheat for several days and my mood and other biological functions are improving.


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