Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Yesterday, 2/4/14, I attended Judy’s seniors class in Half Moon Bay. We did warmups and then some of the Marriage of Heaven and Earth postures. This was a first for me; so far I am in catch-up mode and it will be a lot more comfortable for me when I know what I’m doing.

The Marriage posture is said to be excellent for head, neck, shoulders, and other upper-body problems. This is what I have been hoping for, as I need to get some space into all my cervical vertebrae. My right arm is always numb from the ring finger to the outside of the arm, about 3/4 up the way to the elbow. This is diagnostic of C6 narrowing and compression of the nerve channel associated with that area. At other times I have had the inner-first-to-thumb numbness indicative of C3 narrowing.

Some of the circular hand motions we do as warmups are said to be good for carpal tunnel syndrome. Just last week, before my work on the Dragon and Tiger postures, I noted that my hands were better in the mornings, which is the worst time for them. Likewise the trigger finger in the ring finger of each hand.

I don’t feel too overwhelmed by the work yesterday – which also included some basic work on balancing on a single leg – but it was taxing and one of the women in the group fell back onto her chair and the floor. I was strained by the standing too – and unhappy to discover that after not standing for a week, I could not get “lock” on the posture. I won’t give up the stand; it’s too spectacular an improvement to ignore.


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