Marked effects

Whew. I’m amazed that I’m getting such marked effects from my standing after only six weeks of real practice, the first four of which were twice a week for 5 minutes or so. In December I first started to feel significant changes, and then Nettie got so much better, so I resolved to do it daily. For the most part I have. For one week I was under the redwoods, but I decided that the ground was uneven and that it was hurting, so I am back to the house now or an occasional park. I am also standing for at least 10 minutes and could probably add minutes to get to 15 soon. There is supposed to be a change in effects at about 20 minutes and then at 1 and 2 hours (and presumably more).

In retrospect, Nettie’s bout of recovery was probably coincidental. Not that she has lost that much of it, but she has had a lot of problems breathing and must see her pulmonary specialist after weeks of corrosive inversion layer nonsense here. She is also showing signs of diminished capacity again, taking 20 minutes to use the commode, forgetting what she is doing there, etc., losing track of things, etc. She can’t decide what to wear or eat and so on, and is completely unaware of any change in her mental status.

But for myself, I am in tears of gratitude several times a day; I feel like I am integrated into my body for the first time in my life. I did not expect changes of this scope for several years, based on what I read. And I am not even doing it well, especially the breathing. I must be starting off from a state of feeble vitality.


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