Consciousness and health

My friend David says he was surprised to find that parallelism extends into Mathematics at the higher levels, where intuition provides pathways of investigation that need to be validated by rigor. For the Sufis, imagination uses the same brain machinery as intuition, so that’s why they are always talking about getting your imagination under control. How do you experience the transitioning between sides of the brain? With me it’s completely transparent and seamless; in my youth I spent most of my life in awareness, but not consciousness, so I became very comfortable there.

Now I am applying the same principles to my body center with the Taoist “energy arts”. I have uploaded a PDF of Guide_to_Learning_Qigong. The crucial element, which I had to learn the hard way late in life, is that consciousness must be involved in maintaining your health. You can’t treat your body with reductionism, as if it was a car being taken to the shop to be fixed and then driven until it breaks again. If one can learn this young, he can save himself a huge pile of grief down the line.

The good side of this is that intellect is essential to the Taoist process. BK Frantzis reports that the real masters he met, who represented some of the most feared fighters in all of Asia, were to a man powerful and subtle intellects first, who were able to develop their bodies as a result of intelligence and perseverance. This is not grunting Sixes in gyms.

He met his prospective BaGua teacher early one morning as a fat man (5’8′, 250-300 pounds) “waddling” down the street carrying two bird cages. He was then in his mid-sixties.

In his practice space, he told Frantzis to hit him. At the time Frantzis was 19 and had black belts in five different martial arts schools – all external, though. He hauled back and started hitting the master, who just kept telling him to stop fooling around and hit him for real. But even full power kicks that could break boards, let alone bones, had no effect whatever. His master had learned how to meet impacts with his own life force and absorb the energy – exactly like one of the mutants in the last X-man movie.

Then he touched Frantzis with one finger and sent him flying backward against a wall.

From the Sufi perspective, any concept or image in the world we live in has its counterpart in the noumenal Platonic world that sits coterminous with ours, separated by a dimension of its own – abstraction.

From this standpoint, there is no supernatural – if you can conceive of it, it has already been created, in some sense, waiting in the wings to be reified. My favorite example of this artistically is in The Matrix, where Neo just says “guns” and huge racks of weapons appear out of nowhere.


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