Health updates

I find myself in 5-mode of “I need more data” about how to do the Taoist meditation, how to sit with my stomach (I can’t follow the book instruction) and so on. I wrote my former Taoist acupuncturist last Saturday for advice but I have not heard from her. I’m getting very concerned, because my neck problems are worsening now and limiting my arm use. I’m down to about half of my old capability. It’s not really obvious to others, but I have greatly diminished strength in my hands and arms, big lack of dexterity (no guitar playing), more ways that I can’t position my arms and hands without them going numb (or now, burning) or getting extreme pins and needles. This needs to get handled, and it doesn’t get better on its own. I’m already dropping things due to lack of tactile feedback correction.

This week I have been experimenting with fried foods. I had discovered that I can no longer eat fried potatoes or doughnuts, and now fried eggs. I varied between corn oil and butter but the factor seems to be the temperature of the cooking oil, not the fat type. Now I get huge inflammation with fried anything.

Several nights ago I was twice awakened by bad pain in my right hand – very unusual. In the morning I looked at it and saw a large egg-shaped lump on top of my hand reaching over the wrist crease. It’s not healing, as I have been testing fried foods since that night.

The juice works on tendons and muscles but not on bone aches or the wrist. I get some relief from Celebrex, but not in my neck, which is what I need now.

Well, RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) is giving me fits, so I have to stand and walk…


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