I was born with my sushumna open to Shakti rising, as near as I can figure it, as I have experienced it since I was a young child; as a toddler I would feel like my body was expanding from within and that my skin would break open and white light pour out.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you much more than this, except that the feeling of the Shakti rising is as if some room-temperature superconducting fluid was suddenly released into my lower chakra, and as it filters into the cerebro-spinal fluid it carries the energy into the pineal gland. If I’m prepared, the power can open a “wormhole” into another world, an energetic nonmaterial reality, the one in which we all still reside, and in the Logos description of the Naqshbandis, look upon God’s Face though multiple layers of abstraction.

The human nervous system has the inborn ability to contact other energetic realities but some of these realities, such as some of the 99 Names of God, are not energetically compatible with the human body, though they are with the Human Form, the noumenal Adam Kadmon of the world of abstract potentia.

This is not that hard for me to do, but it is physically very taxing. I actually move my identity from my body into the “real” me in that other world, and believe me, it is not meant to be experienced by meat. It is hard to hold the channel open while feeling like you are being electrocuted.

Readers, please do not get excited about this description. Despite all this, I have not been able to resolve my own severe developmental problems and here and now issues.

One of the most important realizations Shaykh Hameed has brought is that the miracle is that redemption is possible, not that the miracle is having it all done “for you”. I did not have to work to experience these phenomena, which so many people seek out so diligently and relatively few realize. Please think about this and meditate about what it means for your own situation.

Without real Work, I am stuck where I am, with the added misery of having to come back to my prison of warm salty mud in a universe where life requires killing and eating other life.


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